Tsunami bOOKS, 2011

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where all the eyes will be stolen

"I've come back not to save anyone at all

but to mix it all up & BOOM !"

( henrik aeshna, Naked Beans )

"The person of the King is inviolable and sacred"

( 1792 French Constitution act )

"I'm too drunk to fuck"

( Plato, Dialogues )

In Marseille Blues - exquisZOphrenic corpse with 50 characters + a zucchini gratin recipe, Henrik Aeshna the pickpo(ck)et of Notre-Dame and son of Halley's comet and a prostitute outrages and ravages all the traits of the so-called world of appearances. This infamously chaotic anti-mirror is the triumph of absolute anarchy, the ultimate transgression; it is also one of the most remarkable examples of some key notions present in Monsieur Aeshna's "cannibal pyromaniac poetry": SchizoPoP Manifesto, cadavre exquiszophrène, objets-volés, black-outs, erotic apocalypse, incest of the possible-with-the-impossible, zoophilia of words and seemingly disconnected realities…...

Here poetic terrorism and Rimbaud's 'total derangement of the senses' attain their most radical and unimaginable consequences. You will plunge into the alchemical womb of the beast and witness all the forbidden delights of chaos, a Bolshoi ballet of debauchery and excess, horror and ecstasy, a dreamlike tunnel of disturbingly hallucinating juxtapositions in which the entire world is turned completely upside down, as well as all existing signs, linguistic and moral codes."

As bitingly disturbing as a tsunami of humour noir possessed by Prévert's Wise Child, here this unforgivable trickster kidnaps and mixes up all identities and discourses, genders and roles, the banal and the sublime, time and space, and, in the manner of a profane pirate of signs, he carnavandalizes the catwalk of reality, so deforming/transforming the masked ball of our Babylon of information into a real grotesque orgy, an absurd and genial schizoPoP Satyricon - the perfect crime!

Marseille Blues is the voodoo punk drag version of La Marseillaise with shocking whore-red-painted nails brewing on the bitchbox in an overnoisy blind pig in La Plaine (Marseilles' bohemian zone), with the Chappaqua cowboy spiking the punch bowl with acid pot & pills. Be a Good Frenchman and send this irresponsible, raving mad looter either to a mental house or the guillotine, before he secretly replaces street plaques and school manuals for 'gardens of aberrations where the flowers bloom like beautiful fires!'.

Tsunami bOOKS ( PARIS )

* Put together with the English version (limited broadsheet currently out of print) "Marseille Blues / Good Night Cinderella - cadavre exquiszophrenic with 50 characters + a zucchini gratin recipe + A traditional multi-tiered iced fruit cake featuring the ‘language of flowers’ ", offered as a wedding gift to Prince William & Kate Middleton!

Old Film


cadavre exquisZOphrenic with 50 characters

+ a zucchini gratin recipe

ISBN 979-10-90471-00-9

Tsunami bOOKS, Paris

40 pages

18 x 11 cm

Illustrated edition in French (b&w)

"MARSEILLE bLUES is a volcano of sublime/dirty poetry, of sex, drugs and depravity, erotic apocalypse and carnival, mindblowing cuts of chansons, cabaret noise, rocknroll, dada-surrealism-situationism, garage, funk, jazz, blues, psychobilly, medieval Troubadours, rotten hits (!!!) and many more!" - from the theatrical release - MB has been recently adapted by Yves-Alexandre Tripkovic into a happening, an absurd aberration last staged in Paris late 2012

Burn or tip off the authorities about this unpardonable absurd anti-fairytale, absolutely immoral, amoral indeed, politically philosophically sexually literarily incorrect - nasty, filthy, deplorable.

a Bolshoi ballet of debauchery and excess


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VERNISSAGE: Saturday December 8, 2012 - 4pm to 10pm

Closing show: Thursday December 20 - 6pm to 10pm

Galerie du Theatroom,

4 Cité du Midi/Pigalle, 75018 Paris



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A poET NAMED REvolver

No Frame

Give Art an Orgasm

"Erotic play discloses a nameless world which is revealed by the nocturnal language of lovers. Such language is not written down. It is whispered into the ear at night in a hoarse voice. At dawn it is forgotten."

- Jean Genet. The Thief’s Journal

“Here pity only lives when it is dead - Virgil”

- Dante Alighieri, Inferno - the first porn script ever written


GOO to the sound of Sonic Youth

Angelica my hallucinated Alice in Needleland

i'm down & out & torn inside myself

and when i look at the sun out my window, O this useless plastic sun,

i feel like putting yr Dresden doll dress on &

singing slutty lullabies banned during the 3rd Reich, my mouthful of cactusi & razorblades

so my happy neighbors drown in disgust &

call the police for the 80th time

O my sister hurricane my ether my chloroform

i am Joyce Mansour's screaming madness

i am Anita Berber buried alive in her own dreams

i hear yr voice of kool thing siren in dirty boots

as i stagger along smashed among the fossil remains of our last orgy

like New York after the bombing